Behavioral Retargeting

How it Works

  • When you sign up for Behavioral Retargeting a simple code is added to your site. Visitors are tagged by an anonymous cookie, which does not retrieve any personal or identifiable information, and does not use spyware.
  • Meanwhile, uniquely customized banners are created to fit your retargeting campaign. Client approval is required before launching of any banners. Banners can even be customized to display a message encouraging visitors to revisit your site.
  • Some consumers convert the first time around; however, many will visit your site once and never come back. That is the case, unless you retarget. Retargeting allows you to continue to target and advertise to visitors while they browse other popular websites.
  • Retargeting begins. Advertisements are sent to consumers across our extensive network. If you wish to restrict retargeting to specific content related websites, you do have that option.
  • Retargeting builds brand awareness, leading to higher conversions. As visitors are presented with multiple advertisements from your business, they begin to recognize your brand. Brand recognition earns trust and leads to higher conversion rates.